I had to go into town yesterday to pick up a seat for baby J, and I dropped into penneys and picked up a few bits.  

 I got these green jeggings. They were €8.00 and I like them a lot.  

 The soft legging trousers?? I’m not sure how to describe them but they were €11.00.  

 This jumper was €10.00. It’s so soft and lovely.  

 I love this top, it’s light and I love this colour. It’s my favourite colour at the minute. It was €8.00.  

 I like this top, it’s a plain black long sleeve top. It’s tight and I like tops loose so I got it 2 sizes bigger. It was €6.00.  

 I found this on the sale rail, it was €6.00 reduced to €2.00.  

 €4.00 for this chain, it has dark blue going through it and they also come in red.  

 I haven’t used this lip pencil yet because it was a lot pinker than I expected. It was €1.99.  

 This NYC gel eyeliner was €2.49. It looks a bit like a marker when it’s on but honestly I love it. 

That’s everything. I love penneys. 

B 😘. 


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