Date night makeup. 

Hey, last night me and the hubby went out for dinner. I haven’t been out in about 8 months so I was chuffed. I love doing fun eye make up when I’m bored at home but I have never been brave enough to wear them out, but last night I tried something that for me, was dramatic. I seen a makeup look on Instagram and I said why not. 

  This is the look I tried to recreate.  
 This is how mine turned out. It was all Mac makeup that I borrowed from my very kind sister. I absolutely loved using it. You can really tell the difference between these and the cheaper products I would normally use. It also lasted all night. I used penneys/primark lashes and they were fantastic, they were just €1.50. As much as I loved the Mac products I think I’ll stick to Rimmel for my everyday use. 

Now I know they’re not that similar, but I felt good. The look I tried to copy was amazing and looked so beautiful, but I kinda liked the way mine turned out too, even if it didn’t look as flawless. 

B 😘


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