Make up gallery make up. 


I was reading a blog the other day I think it was, and they recommended a lip pencil from Dealz. So yesterday I took a trip in. They have absolutely everything you would need.  

 I picked up this bronzer, it’s in Matt light 1. 

  This is plump up the volume mascara in brown/black.

 This is the reason I went to Dealz. The pout it out lip pencil, in Rose 2. It’s a really lovely colour.  
 Lastly I picked up this hide and chic concealer in Ivory 1. Out of the things I bought I’ve only tried out the concealer, and I liked it so much, I mean it’s not amazing but for what I paid it’s good. So I’m looking forward to trying out the rest. They were all only €1.49 each, so that’s a good price. 

  On my way home, I popped into St Stephen’s green shopping centre and I picked up this coat in Love. I love it, I have a few coats like this but not in this colour. They also have it in green and in black. I got it a size bigger so I can wear a jumper underneath during the winter. It was only €19.95. 

B 😘


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