First week back to school lunches. 


It’s the last day of the first week back to school and as prepared as I thought I was, I still found myself overwhelmed. I went to my local shop, Dealz. I picked up 2 lunch boxes and each one had 4 smaller boxes inside that were perfect for fruit. They were €1.49 each. I also got water bottles that €1.49 each. So it was €5.96 in total, that’s no bad for 2 lunch boxes, 8 small boxes and 2 bottles. 

 My children wouldn’t be the fussiest of eaters but they can still be picky. I’m a bit on the lazy side so these are the lunches I gave my babies this week. 

Monday: 2 ham and cheese sandwiches on brown bread cut up into 4. 1 cheese string and 1 cheese triangle. 2 tube yogurts. Banana and apple cut up and put into separate containers. 

Tuesday: 2 small brown rolls with with chicken and grated cheese. 4 little tomatoes. Pineapple cut up.

Wednesday: 2 small wraps with ham and grated cheese. 2 cheese triangles. 1 tube yogurt ( only because they said 2 was too many). Pineapple cut up. 

Thursday. 2 pitta bread with chicken. 2 cheese strings and 2 little tomatoes. Banana cut up. 

Friday:3 little tomatoes, cheese and rolled up slices of ham, cut up and put on sticks. 1 cheese string. 1 tube yogurt. Apple cut up and 1 small chocolate bar. 

They had a bottle of water each day too. 

I never thought to take pictures because I’m an idiot and I only thought of this post on the way home from the school. I had the photos of the lunch boxes and bottles because I had sent them to my sister to tell her to get them for her children too. 

I could always put up photos of next weeks lunches if anyone is interested. 

B 😘 


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