Catrice. Purse friendly makeup. 


I am not a fancy mammy at all, I mean I would love to be one of those glam women that have the best makeup and always look so put together, but to be totally honest I don’t like to spend a lot of money on makeup, mostly because my little girl likes to play around in it. So for day to day running to school makeup I like Catrice. It’s really affordable and they have a lot of great stuff. 

I went into my local pharmacy today to pick up a lip pencil, and I was delighted to see they had a box of Catrice makeup on sale. So I picked up a few bits. 

This is a 3 in 1 skin tone adapting make up. In medium. It was €3.94 reduced to €1.96. It goes on white and once rubbed in its becomes a medium coverage foundation. I put a small amount on about 3 hours ago and so far it’s still looking good, but around my hairline is slightly orange.  

EThis is the made to stay smoothing lip polish. The colour doesn’t show up very well, it’s more like a tinted gloss. It was €2.74 reduced to €1.96.  

NThis is also the made to stay smoothing lip polish. The colour shows up a lot better with this one and it was also €2.74 reduced to €1.96. 


This is the absolute eye colour.  It’s a lovely shimmery green eyeshadow. It was €1.64 reduced to €0.84.  


This is another absolute eye colour. It a shimmery purple, neither of these two eye shadows are very pigmented but they would be fine for an everyday makeup look.  


I also picked up this really nice purple nail varnish. It such a lovely colour. It was €1.49 reduced to €0.70.  


Lastly I got this lip pencil, I haven’t used it just yet but it looks nice, so I’m looking forward to trying it out.  

 That’s  everything. I love a little bargain so I’m delighted with these. 

B 😘 


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