Back to school can’t come soon enough. 


My two older kids are back to school early next week, and to be honest, I can not wait. Don’t get me wrong I really enjoyed the summer with them and we had so many lovely days out, but everyday I felt like they were about to kill each other. Now my kids are far from little angels but usually they are well behaved and respectful. They also have nice manners. But they couldn’t even have a conversation without shouting and bickering, it got so bad between them that I was dreading leaving the house as I knew I would have to moan at them. Now I enjoy a good nag but usually I keep that for my hubby. It’s never normally like this between them, I mean, I feel that they might just need space and spend time with other friends. Getting through the week and looking forward to a nice cheeky drink at the weekend kept me going and kept me sane.  

 I also managed to save over €120 on back to school stuff compared to last year ( more wine for me. 😂).  A’s school bag cost like €40 last year but this year we got it in Claire’s accessories, they have really nice bags and they are all just €15.  S’s bag was just €15 too, in lifestyle sports, they had a great choice and they were cheap enough. A bit like me 😉. 

Last year I bought the shirts and T-shirts in marks and Spencer’s, but I heard that Dunnes Stores were less expensive so I headed on down there and was delighted with myself. For a pack of 2 shirts only €5.50 each and pack of 2 T-shirts just €4.50 each. When I got home I opened them and they’re just as good quality. So pretty happy with that, I love a little bargain. 

So roll on next week, for a bit of peace and quiet. B 😘. 


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