I suck at life…. Well, Monday’s at least. 

Hey, so I’m one of those people, new year new me, new month new me. So, after getting up the courage create a blog yesterday, I was in bed last night full of ambition and drive to start the week off well, y’know, new week new me. Well I woke up this morning full of beans and ready to go, but messy house, dirty nappies and 4 cups of coffee later, I felt less like I was kickin ass at mommin and more like the day was kicking my ass, and it was only 12:30…. 

I decided to pull on my big girl panties and keep on going, the weather was lovely and I was going to make the most of it. So at 2 o clock I’m heading out the door with my 2 baby girls, make up and hair done, feeling like a beaut, and as I’m walking out the door my son asks me “is that your top? There’s baby sick on the back”. Well that made me feel good, now judge me all you want, I used a baby wipe to clean it as best I could and I walked out the door, a little less excited than before.

 So a lovely 20 minute walk later, I was at the shopping centre, only in the door when I fell over, if not for my babies pram, I would have been flat out. My lovely daughters face went red, more concerned with who seen me fall than if I was ok! 

Anyway, I headed into boots and decided to treat myself to a nice new lipstick and a body cream. My daughter -A- wanted to carry the bag, it makes her feel like a big girl. Next stop Claire’s accessories, shopping for A’s school bag when crazy in love comes on and I start singing like a diva and as I’m in the middle of busting out the rap, A looks at me and says ” that must be an old song if you know all the words”. Now I know she didn’t mean to offend but I died a bit inside (sniffle). 

So after my fall and rap fail, we popped across to the park. Sitting on the grass in the sun, I asked A for my boots bag so I could use the glow from my new lipstick to cheer me up, only for her to tell me that she doesn’t have the bag, that she must have left it in one of the shops. CRYING. 

Luckily the shopping centre was just across the road. We retraced our steps and couldn’t find it and it was not handed in. Some beaut must have found and took my lovely lipstick and cream. CRYING HARDER. 

We finally made it home and after making dinner, I crawled into bed with my baby girl, and this is where I am now, sulking that today kicked my ass. 

Ah well there’s always next Monday. New week, new me. 

B. 😘 


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